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Entrance Mat Help
[Image: 1zp6zv9.jpg]Not a cleaning Issue but one of my Clients has entry mats and the rubber is Migrating into the ceramic tile very very bad. I have cleaned and removed the damage. Question Does anyone know of or have a padding to go under the mat or suggest a mat which will not do this?
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I've seen it many times too. Sometimes rubber backing from the mats can stain the floor underneath the mat with a yellow/brown coloring. I've seen it happen a lot with older mats in the past. You may want to replace the mats with newer mats. I think that newer better quality mats tend to leach less yellow/brown from the rubber backing to the floor than the older mats did. I say that only because we've had mats at our office for a few years, and they don't leach any color to the tile floor underneath the mat. I'd recommend new mats. If you need help sourcing good mats let me know.
Yes Rick definitely need a good source for Mats. I am not a new guy You know me. Jerzy
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We have a source for some very good mats, and we can can bring them in on request. And here's another source with a good selection of mats. https://www.uline.com/Grp_489/Carpet-Mats If you don't see what you need here let me know, and I can research what we can get on our end too.

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