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Using gliders...
I clean many Needle Felt carpets...a very strong, hard and thin kind of cgd. I use all weight plates on the orbot and get very good and fast results. I only use on this carpet the SuperZorbs and noticed that they are getting thinner and thinner...

Thinking of using a glider. Will give it a try tomorrow on a 4400 sq fts office job. Does using a glider reduce the cleaning abilities? How is your experience?
Glides used to be the standard on OP machines. Glides can be helpful working with the SuperZorb pads. The thin cotton blend pads can benefit from using a Glide (it takes the weight off the center of the pad). But we see less and less usage of Glides these days. And with the MicroGlide and MicroBeast bonnets - Glides are not needed at all.
Rick, thanks for your reply. Usually i don't use Glides but on this terrible hard needle felt carpet i have to cause after 3-4 times of using the Superzorbs they get very thin...and thats to expensive.

Yesterday i only scrubed with a tan pad and only used the SuperZorbs on traffic lanes and under the desks. Worked great.
In that case - Glides would be a good option.

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