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orbot vibe promo deal
was in the market for a new op machine with on board spray system and this is what i ended up with for only $2020.00 as I won an auction over on mikeys board

Orbot Vibe Machine, 40lb Weight Kit, tile Scrub Brush, 1 Gallon of Environ, 5x SuperZorb Pads, 2x AgiClean Pads, AwkaStrip Pad, UltraLift Pad and FREE SHIPPING!

Total Package Retail Price = $3,327  So I saved $1307 and am a happy camper.

I also have a 15 inch CRB which i bought here from rick over two years ago and its still going strong and I love that thing.

Now for my questions.
As we all know, to pre vac is important while doing vlm SO

Question for all CRB owners, Which do you feel is more effective.

1. Vacuum then CRB
2.CRB then vacuum

I'm thinking number 2 would be better

Now since i will be vacuuming anyway prior to running the Vibe and yes I know i'm adding an extra step if i both CRB then vac with regular vacuum ( I use a Royal 14 inch)

what would you guys do 1 or 2

And now to make more work for myself , LOL  but only on the really bad ones this is what i'm thinking of doing

1. CRB  With collection trays of course
3. light pre spray (using my mytee big boss 5gal sprayer)
4. no dwell run the CRB right away for some agitation
5.run orbot with either super sorb bonnet or micro fibre with scrub strips while spraying some more as i go but not a lot more
  spray as i don't want to over wet the carpet
6. post groom with either CRB (no collection trays) or simple carpet rake

Sounds like a lot I know 1st off using 4 different machines CRB, Vacuum, Vibe, and sprayer
the Vibe being the heavy one but very easy to transport with those big wheels other 3 no problem all light weight

I 90% of the time have a helper
My helper will be CRBing and vacuuming while i am getting the vibe and sprayer ready filling tank and mixing chems, getting pads etc..
when i'm done if he is still using the CRB, i'll grab the vacuum and start that going so that part goes pretty quick
Then its clean time

If carpets not that bad i would just eliminate the CRB agitation step, 
 Ok everyone go ahead and beat me up, make suggestions, tell me what you do
CRB and vacuum would be a very thorough option. Or you could simply vacuum.

Then run the orbital, spraying out solution as you go. Making a wet-pass & dry-pass is usually sufficient. Pretty simple process really. Try not to over think it. Wink

BTW, we've seen EXCELLENT results using the MicroBeast Pro bonnets on the orbital machines!
Thanks Rick, I will be ordering some of those micro beast bonnets in the next day or two, do they stay on good with the velcro driver?

Also if i just do as you say, one wet pass then one dry, would that be just using the micro beast pad or should should i start with micro beast then use a super zorb pad
MicroBeast all the way. No need to switch out bonnets. And they will stick great to the driver.

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