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Question on 10 inch CRB
Hey Rick,

Just bought a 10 inch CRB from Excellent Supply and love it!
I am amazed at the dirt that unit can remove from a carpet.
Word on the street says there is a longer handle, or handle extension, that will be available soon.
Since I am 6'2" I would love a longer handle.
Do you know when that will become available?

Don't have an ETA on the extensions yet. I'm as excited about it as you are. They are coming from Austria. The only ones on this side of the pond were proto types. I expect to get in the extensions in a few weeks. As soon as they come in we will make it known. And I'll post it here and put it in our store.

I'm glad to hear that you like the 10" BrushEncap. It's a nice machine! Enjoy!!!
Sounds Great!
Thanks for the update.
Hey Rick,
Any new updates on the extended handle for the 10 inch CRB?
Still haven't heard anything from the manufacturer. Sorry. I'll make another inquiry to see what's going on.
And so what's the scoop?

Didn't Mikey P. and Saiger get theirs like 3 months ago?
Word on the street at Mikey's is they are in country. Somewhere.....
Mikey and Mr. Saiger always get their stuff first!
The extensions have come in. We have an order in the pipeline. Expect they'll arrive this week.
Thanks for the update Rick!
(07-16-2017, 02:54 PM)encapman Wrote: The extensions have come in. We have an order in the pipeline. Expect they'll arrive this week.

That's good because I just read on Mikey's that he's given 2 extensions away in some sort of contest!
The extensions have arrived Smile

Thanks Rick. I just ordered it.
Being 6'2" I think it will be a great addition for me and my 10"crb!
Thank you for your order! I assume you're gonna love it. Smile
Please let us know what you think once you get it.
Got the new extension and it is working great.
I use the 10 inch CRB for residential HWE and spot treatment VLM in commercial.
I find I can stand up straighter and have a farther reach than before.
Great product and worth the price!
Hi Lee,

So happy to hear you're liking the extension. We've been getting some good feedback on it. 


[Image: extension.jpg]

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