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NEW Low-Priced Battery Sprayer at Excellent Supply
One of our customers ran across this sprayer and suggested that I take a look at it. Glad that he did! It's a cool sprayer, and it fills a niche. So we've added the Hydroshot Sprayer to our store... http://www.excellent-supply.com/HydroSho...p_965.html

I've already used this on a couple of jobs and I LOVE this sprayer. It applies solution to the carpet FAST. I can move around quicker with it than I can with a typical 5 gallon battery powered sprayer.  It's super handy! Besides being fun to work with - it sells for just $129. I think it's a pretty sweet little sprayer.

Comes with a 20' hose so you can cover a nice sized area. Just drop the hose into a bucket of Releasit and you're spraying down a perfect volume of solution. It has a dual-pressure pump - 60psi (ideal for spraying your encap), and 320psi (great for washing equipment, etc). It puts out 1/2 gallon per minute (max flow rate) which makes it easy to move pretty quick as you apply encap detergent to the carpet.

The 20V battery lasts approximately 30-45 minutes of run-time, and does a full recharge in about 5 hours. A fully charged battery is easily good for encapping a couple thousand sq ft. Additional spare batteries can be purchased for $49.99.

The Hydroshot isn't recommended for corrosive detergents, solvents, strong acids, high alkaline, or hydrogen peroxide. But it works well with mid-pH range detergents, like Releasit Encap-Clean DS2. And if you'll rinse it out after each use, the spray unit should last a long time. It comes with a 3 year warranty.  

We're excited about being able to offer this reasonably priced, solidly built, and highly portable sprayer. Check it out... http://www.excellent-supply.com/HydroSho..._965.htmll

[Image: Hydroshot-Sprayer.jpg]
Hydroshot ON SALE NOW!  $114.99

We have the Hydroshot on sale at $114.99!
Nice price on a very nice sprayerSmile


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