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Cimex Bearings
I changed the belt on my Cimex CR38 ( 15 inch ) at the weekend & now I'm getting a lot of noise fron the drive disk. I suspect the new belt is putting a lot of pressure on old bearings.
I'd like to replace the main centre pulley bearing first to see if that helps. Can anyone give me the bearing number for the CR38?  I'm pretty sure I can get one from my local bearing shop here in AU.

I can get those bearing numbers for you when I get to the office tomorrow.  Rolleyes
There are 2 center bowl bearings (both the same part number) and 6 brushes pulley bearings (2 in each pulley)
You should have no problem matching them up. 

I will say though that the usual source of bearing noise comes from the brush pulley bearings. They tend to wear out quicker because they spin much faster than the bowl and they are always closer to the moisture.
Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 
Thanks Rodney, I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for your advice, I'll repalace all bearings to be safe.
Ok , here are your bearing numbers for the CR38...

The 2 center bowl bearings are  6009 2RS

The 6 Brush pulley bearings (2 per pulley) are    6003  2RS

 Let us know if you need any other assistance!
Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 
Thanks Rodney, appreciated.
(05-12-2017, 04:20 PM)Col Foster Wrote: Thanks Rodney, appreciated.

That's why we pay him the big bucks.  Big Grin

Rodney is always awesome when it comes to everything mechanical. We love having him on our team!!! Glad he was able to help you Col. Ask for tech help anytime.

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