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By far my largest job in 22 years of cleaning
First time posting on this forum as well as buying equipment from excellent supply, I must say im very impressed with all the help and customer service ive received.
Im fairly new to the encap world as ive been a HWE guy my entire life, ive been so impressed with the results as well as how much easier the work is.
I cleaned a 20k sq ft job with 2 tms and it looked terrible! I came back with the encapsulation process and it looked great! they even signed a quarterly contract so im sold.
For whatever reason my business has had multiple large cgd requests but the most recent left me a bit weak in the knees!
A large pharmacudical company called me and I measured out 97k ft!
I just about walked away but I thought I will just bid it high and if they want me to do it then I reap the rewards.
Well they want me to do it and im a bit nervous, I recently purchased 2 cimex machines as well as 1 20 inch crb, I will also borrow another 20 inch crb.
I also have multiple 175s but not sure if I will need them?
The plan is to have 4 people on the equipment each with a helper with me supervising and making sure everyone has what they need.
The job consists of a combonation of large open hallways as well as multiple office spaces and cubicles.
I told them to give me a week to complete the job but am hopefull it can be done sooner, with lbor day weekend coming up im thinking of putting in very large hours Saturday thru Monday.
The building is fairly new and they only clean the carpet once annually so its medium soiled in my opinion, they are also a pet friendly work place so there are a few dog accidents here and there.
I ordered 4 cases of releasit and 2 cases of punch.
we will not be moving or picking up anything if they didnt pick it up then its staying put.
Any idea on how long I should plan on spending on this job?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
I would be breathing heavy as well.

I can't bring myself to do straight encapping, meaning just pads.
I used op with different bonnets so production rate suffers.

Are you vacuuming first?

How is their day to day custodial?
Fair numbers: You should be able to consistently clean 2,000 sq ft or more per hour with each machine. So 4 machines should nail 8K per hour. In a seven hour day you could clean 56K. So in 2 days you should be able to blow out 100K with no problem.

That's a fair appraisal. You'd need to keep the machines moving though. Realistically I'd suggest breaking it into a maintenance plan. Set it up so that you can do manageable chunks on a regular basis. But if you need to clean it in one shot, the numbers above should work for you.

Here's the trick: Hustle! Keep the 4 machines moving. No down time. Have an extra person or two to provide detergent, move things, and keep the guys in motion. With good support the machines can be made to fly. And you should be able to exceed 2K per hour with each machine. Like I said - the key word is HUSTLE. With hustle this is doable.

Congrats on landing such a nice account! Let us know how you make out.
Thanks I'm hoping to complete the job in 3 days and I don't see why not.
I have 3 guys helping that are young and strong and will work 12-14 hour days.
Signing the contract today!
You may wish to have some Hydrox in a separate sprayer for the pet stains.
Works great!
Congratulations!!! Thats great!
Contract signed!!!!
Awesome! Smile

Way to go. Hope it goes great.
(08-17-2017, 09:00 PM)encapman Wrote: Awesome! Smile

Way to go. Hope it goes great.

Its all your equipment and product so I hope so too!
Lol :-D
Im sure it will as we sat down today with them they are very nice people and I actually have full acsess to the building all to myself friday thru Monday no one will be there so im feeling good about it!
thanks for all your help and comments
These are the fun ones! You might want to consider bringing along a decent camera (not just your cell phone) and take lots of pictures and even some video clips. These pictures and videos can be very helpful for future marketing.

In a 3 day window I think it should be fairly reasonable to get it all done comfortably. You will have some tired guys. May I make a suggestion? Pay them generously and they should measure up. I'd recommend around $20 per hour, plus some bonus money. If you make it worthwhile for them to endure some pain, they'll normally get onboard with the the whole aspect of HUSTLE.

Have fun. And let us know how it works out.
We just finished and it came out excellent!!!!
Thanks excellent supply for your customer service and help in completing this large task.
I can't feel my feet!!!
Walked an average of 8 miles a day and wrapped this job up in two days.
I will try and post a few pics
Awesome!!! Well done. Glad to hear the job turned out so well.

I've got a pain relief remedy for sore muscles caused by large jobs.
Cash the check, fill your wallet, and gently rub it on the affected area. Wink

Please post some pics. We'd love to see what you were working on!

BTW How did you end up tackling this one?
We started at 8am Friday morning with mostly family, six of us.
We used two cimex and two 20 inch crbs.
I bought a small wagon that holds 4 five gallon buckets to fill at the janitorial closet and keep all the machines moving. For the crbs I bought two 4 gallon battery never pump sprayers. On one charge they lasted 2 full days.
We ended up moving anything that wasn't bolted down as they were supposed to move their plastic carpet protectors and out of 500 plus offices and cubicles maybe  just maybe 20 did.
We really wanted to leave an impression on them and I believe we did. The janitor came by today and couldn't believe how much we moved! He said no other companies they used in the past moved anything.
I don't understand why as this took two long days and we were paid a kings ransom to do it.
Question, how long after until we put back the plastic?
We wanted overnight for upstairs but wanted to wait until tomorrow for the last small section we cleaned.
I must say I like your remedy for soreness!!
I feel better already ?
I can't seem to upload pictures maybe someone can help me out? Thanks
You could put the chair mats back down a few hours after cleaning. Normally it takes less than 2 hours for the carpet to dry after encap cleaning. But to insure the moisture has sufficiently dissipated, you could perhaps double that to 4 or 5 hours, just to err on the side of caution.

P.S. Sounds like you came up with a nice format for getting the work done! Kudos Smile

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