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By far my largest job in 22 years of cleaning
Good job Josh! Once you go cap...lol!
another try at pics

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        A few more, for some reason i can only post two at a time.
I also took your advice and had a photographer take pics and video.These are not his btw or i would want my money back!
(09-02-2017, 10:40 PM)blubby07 Wrote: We started at 8am Friday morning with mostly family, six of us.
We used two cimex and two 20 inch crbs.
I bought a small wagon that holds 4 five gallon buckets to fill at the janitorial closet and keep all the machines moving. For the crbs I bought two 4 gallon battery never pump sprayers. On one charge they lasted 2 full days.
We ended up moving anything that wasn't bolted down as they were supposed to move their plastic carpet protectors and out of 500 plus offices and cubicles maybe  just maybe 20 did.
We really wanted to leave an impression on them and I believe we did. The janitor came by today and couldn't believe how much we moved! He said no other companies they used in the past moved anything.
I don't understand why as this took two long days and we were paid a kings ransom to do it.
Question, how long after until we put back the plastic?
We wanted overnight for upstairs but wanted to wait until tomorrow for the last small section we cleaned.
I must say I like your remedy for soreness!!
I feel better already ?

Congrats Blubby!! Sounds like everything went great.

I have a disclaimer on moving objects, furniture etc. basically anything that might slow down my production rate. I have had to look at it like this..... I'm a carpet cleaner, not a furniture mover lol. If they are willing to pay for my time to move furniture I have no problem doing so.

But this is where you have to be careful in making that known before a job is accepted. If someone asks me for a quote on carpet cleaning, I give them a quote to clean the carpet. If the customer expects that I move furniture,, then they did not read my disclaimer. Most customers are not willing to pay for my time to move furniture but will expect you to for a carpet cleaning price. That's why I put my "moving objects" disclaimer in the quote. Basically the quote is to clean the carpet, not to move objects, if they want me to move objects its an additional charge or they can hire a separate contractor to move the items before my arrival.

Actually I never really understood the concept of moving big items to clean. I guarantee the carpet underneath big items gets 0 foot traffic lol.

Its sounds like you got a great deal for your time all the way around,, nice job!
Nice pics!! Looks like a very nice office environment. And you made it all that much nicer Smile
Looks good. As easy as it is to encap with the cimex, it's still hard work doing a lot of footage!
I will post the profesional pics just as soon as they are watermarkedSmile
Thanks for all your comments
pro pics

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few more

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In the third & fourth last pic where the girl is using the Brushencap CBR, I notice the Cimex sitting there with the head on the carpet.

A word of caution, doing this may leave three rings in the carpet when it dries, which you will then have to come back & rectify.

Great pics, great work.

Thanks for sharing.

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