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Vario, Pro Team vac 17 inch rotary
Hi all, I have a lightly used Vario orbital with the mighty boss sprayer system including 50 foot hose and sprayer for sale for $995.00
2. a 17 inch jani link low speed rotary with an on board spray system and tank. like new, $750.00
3. A pro Team vacuum with a bunch of bags $175.00
4. A RotoVac rotary cleaner for hot water extraction, a bit older but in great shape, $650.00
5. Also a lot of misc. pads, chemicals and parts and pieces.

I purchased all of this equipment new and used it in a part time cleaning business for only about 20 months when my leg problems started.
No more carpet cleaning for me

We are located in Tennessee and can be reached at 540 482 0031[attachment=329][attachment=330][attachment=331]
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