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What did you start with?
What kind of equipment did you start with when you first got into encapipng? Did you have a lot of maney when you started or were you on a shoe string budget?
When we started there was not nearly as much information as there is now. We were already cleaning Hwe with truck mount. We made the transition gradually mostly by trial and error. We had just purchased a new 20 inch Brush pro for use in Hwe. Truckmount could not be used on some high rise and commercial started experimenting with encapsulation. We then started ti add pad capping with 175 and Oreck Orbitor. Purchased several other used Host -Prochem -Whitaker etc. and kept reading and experimenting. Took a course sponsored by Bonnet Pro and now we do 90% Vlm. We also purchased a new Grumpy from Trinity. If you are smart you can start with a investment of $800- $1000 and be off and running.
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I got my start in commercial carpet cleaning back in 1983 with a very used Pullman Holt rotary machine, along with an aluminum backed Braun shampoo brush and a shampoo tank. Used it in tandem with a Steamex fiberglass box extractor. The dual shampoo/extraction method was how we serviced all our stores in the malls back then. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of those machines from 30+ years ago.
P.S. I was 22.
I started with budget of 300 Euro.... used a small CRB with compound...made a few jobs...bought two bigger CRB's...made some new jobs and bought a 175 RPM.

After two years i bought a Orbot and now a used Cimex. Here in germany i have to focus on commercial jobs cause most residential costumers have a wood floor....
Hey Bernd.
Any chance of getting into wood floor cleaning?
Even wood floors need to be cleaned.

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