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Been Noticing a Trend
I have noticed lately that more Pro Carpet Cleaners on the phone here at ES are interested in using more Vlm/Encap cleaning methods in residential carpet cleaning. The interest seems to be in using this method in conjunction with HWE (Prespary with Encap-Punch, extract main traffic areas and just scrub the rest) or sometimes as a stand alone method. 

Adding Counter Rotating Brush machines or orbital/bonnet along with good Encap Cleaners like Releasit seems to be the preferred way to do VLM in Resi. 

The reasons seem to vary... High rise condos out of Truckmount reach, extremely cold weather, quick drying times, low overhead etc...

Have any of you seen this as a trend or viable option in your world?      Undecided
Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 
Yes. We keep hearing form an increasing number of cleaners around the country who are moving toward low-moisture methods for their residential work. Seems to be a growing trend.
I spoke with a long time carpet cleaner this week who purchased a 10" BrushEncap so that he can get in tight spaces in residential. He also wanted it for the light weight of it, easy to carry upstairs. He already uses CRBs for a lot of his residential cleaning and doesn't use his truck mount much. He only uses THE BEST encap; RELEASIT!
CRB is an awesome tool for those wanting to do more Low Moisture! It's light weight and perfect for those tight spaces. Don't think that it being light weight means that it doesn't clean well! It's a BEAST! Really good at pulling dirt and soil from deep in the carpet too.

I love using the BrushEncap CRB!
I have the 10" CRB and I love it for what it does but I can not imagine using it as my primary cleaning machine for most cleaning jobs that have even moderate spotting/staining. It would be fine for all the areas that really are not dirty but you'll have to pry my 175 and fiber pads out of my dead cold hands before I'd give them up for most of my cleaning jobs.
The FiberPlus pads do some good work! On our truck we got the Vario, OP machine. What we usually use is some MicroBeast bonnets and that usually does a great job! Those bonnets pick up a lot of soil and dirt and it cleans well. Although we have done more work with these bonnets lately the FiberPlus pads have never let us down!
I've had the vario for about 5 months and use the microbeast pads. They work very well and I'm very satisfied with the machine and pads.

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I've been using the Cimex for residential work for a decade with NIL complaints.

In fact, one government agency asked me well over a decade ago, what I had changed when doing their residences.

The next day, four of their inspectors came and watched me clean a residence.

After seeing how I was doing it, they told me to keep on using the Cimex & VLM system.

Sometimes, very rarely, I use my orbital machine, I don't like it mainly due to the airborne solution which I & others can ingest. Angry

Maybe, if it had a gravity feed solution, I would use it more.

But I love the ease of the Cimex, especially with the Big Wheels for vertically challenged people. Tongue

IF I was staying in the game, I would use it almost exclusively as I do now.


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(01-31-2018, 08:10 AM)encapman Wrote: Yes. We keep hearing form an increasing number of cleaners around the country who are moving toward low-moisture methods for their residential work. Seems to be a growing trend.

As a CIMEX mega-fan and user of strictly Releasit products for Encap and Extraction, I tried my 20" CRB at my house a few weeks ago, after seeing another CRB franchise operation opening locations around the country made me curious. I only have white brushes so tried them on my builder-grade mini-shag/plush carpet and kept going until it was clean, drying after each of a couple of DS2 passes and another Hydrox pass. Problem is, now the carpet looks lumpy, so my experiment succeeded in cleaning but rearranged the fibers in the process, un-twisting etc. I bought the CRB for pre-vac and post-encap grooming CGD. This was the first time I tried to use it for cleaning. Now I know it cleans but obviously don't know how to use it. Are detailed instructions/videos available for a monkey-see-monkey-do guy? Great to have an understanding wife - - the house is the lab.

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