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Hot Water & Encap
It's been asked if using hot water is helpful for encap cleaning? The short answer is - yes. Here is the science behind it.

In the late 1800s, a Swedish physicist named Svante A. Arrhenius, researching the connection between heat and energy, made an important finding that would impact cleaning forever. He discovered that for every 18-degree Fahrenheit (10-degree Celsius) increase in temperature over 118-degrees Fahrenheit (48-degrees Celsius), the amount of molecular energy released is doubled. This is known as the Arrhenius equation.

It's pretty simple to visualize how the hotter water thing works. Consider that your hands are filthy with grease. Try washing them with really cold water. Now try it with warm tap water. Now try again with hot water. We've all seen that hotter water will clean your hands faster. Same goes for dishes, laundry, etc.

The same rule applies to carpet cleaning. As the temperature increases it's easier to get the cleaning accomplished. True, the water will cool as it contacts the carpet. But I'd rather have the advantage of cleaning with warm, very warm, or even hot water - over cleaning with cold water.

Temperature is not the biggest slice of the TACT pie when it comes to encapsulation. Agitation is the major muscle for encap cleaning. Releasit products will work well with warm or even cold water.

Yet since hotter water will always helps ALL types of cleaning to work more efficiently, it's beneficial to use hot water if it's available. That's why we recommend using bucket heaters to get ripping hot water for encapping. https://www.excellent-supply.com/Profess...p_511.html

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