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encap vs extraction for deep coffee stain
I'm doing a 911 call center and there is a spot on the cgd carpet (in the main entrance) where they spilled a pot!!! of coffee. I'm going to encap with a cimex but was wondering if i should just use O2 encap were that coffee spot is or bring my portable 200psi extractor and flush it out the best I can?
If I flush out i don't think I can encap after because it would be to wet, also if I extract should I prespray with O2 first? Ps, the city cleaners said they tried various methods to get this out with no success. Thanks.
My thought would be , it needs flushed first. Why not flush, using an encap product? Then use absorbant bonnets to get it as dry as possible before you finish. ?
If you are there doing regular service do this first, and then the routine stuff.
Here's what I'd suggest for dealing with a full pot of coffee...
1. Perform a thorough HWE flushing using Encap-HydrOx as your pre-spray and rinse detergent.
2. Let the spot dry completely. Wait till the next day; or use blowers to speed-dry it if you need to.
3. Then do a low moisture post-encap cleaning with a bonnet or your Cimex using Encap-HydrOx.
Voila! Aggressive cleaning with Encap-HydrOx should get the job done on a large coffee stain.

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