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Commercial Business
New Here!  
Been in business for about 3 years. The last quarter of last year and this year so far have been wonderful with my residential customers. However I have found that commercial is a much better way to go.  I like the stability of those repeat clients and residual income. Any advice on how to obtain more of these customers, who to talk too, what to do??? 
My wife and I were going to purchase a millicare franchise here in the Charlotte NC area but someone beat us to it. Instead we chose to go at ourselves but have ended up with 700 residential customers which do pay the bills but we dont make enough to hire someone and make too much to give it up. Any advice would be appreciated. I do have few commercial clients who have the carpet cleaned every 3 months. Im doing it with 2- 15 inch brush pro CRB's,  prespray and compound. I easily make $1200 before noon with these clients and I want to do more.  Big Grin  TIA
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