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crb with steam
I will appreciate any thoughts on Duplex Steam machines, I guess these machines would give better results than crb's due to the combination of crb and steam
Are you in Australia? This machine is not available in the US. We are a Duplex distributor. It's a great machine. But we don't have access to the machine you mentioned. I'd be skeptical to think it would be great on carpet. I see that they're billing it as a "floor cleaning" machine. Let us know if you learn anything more about it.
I am in Canada and using your products, ds2 and hydrox, very happy with the results, plz visit my web trueklean.ca
Just had a look at your site. Looks very professional. Keep up the good work!

P.S. The reason I asked if you were in Australia is that the link you added is for Duplex in Australia. Appears that steam machine only runs on 220/240 volt.

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