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Can you shower-feed with an orbital machine
Customer, new to using the Vibe asked about shower-feeding or using bonnets on the Vibe:

Quote:I just purchased a Vibe from Excellent Supply. I’ve been using VonSchrader for years. New to the orbital world and looking to learn what I can. I read the following post and wanted to better understand the shower feed and pad changing. I do mostly residential work. Does this mean I use same pad over and over until it’s worn out. Sorry new guy question. 

1. If you shower feed the solution (like with a Cimex machine, or a rotary machine with a tank) there's no need to rinse the pads. The pads will be perpetually flushed as the solution passes through the pads. This keeps the pads relatively clean. They'll get slightly gray, but nothing too significant. 

My reply: 

If you "shower-feed" with scrubbing pads, such as the FiberPlus pads, (like you would on a Cimex machine) there's no need to rinse because the pads will be perpetually flushed as the solution passes through the pads. That's how shower-feeding works on a Cimex or on a rotary machine using a tank.

Now with any type of bonnet cleaning machine, such as the Vibe, it's more practical to use bonnets. You could use FiberPlus pads to perform straight encap, but the pads will quickly become soiled since the solution is not being dispersed through the pad.

We normally recommend using bonnets with an orbital machine, such as the Vibe. The bonnets will absorb soil as you clean. The bonnets can be flipped over as they become dirty (so you'll use both sides of the bonnet). And then the bonnets can be cleaned after the job by spraying/rising them or by laundering them. 

Microfiber bonnets rinse out easily. So you actually only need to carry a handful of bonnets, since they can be easily rinsed out on the job as needed. Microfiber bonnets are highly effective! And when using bonnets with a good encap detergent like Releasit, you're actually removing soil through two mediums - 1. Absorption, 2. Encapsulation.

We recommend these microfiber bonnets: Microfiber GLIDE for residential, https://www.excellent-supply.com/Microfi..._1143.html  And microfiber SCRUB for commercial, https://www.excellent-supply.com/Microfi...p_960.html

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