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Encapsulation and Sanitizing
Technically I believe only hard surfaces can be sanitized. However all HWE carpet cleaners claim they sanitize the carpet, I use my CRB and DS2 and Hydrox to clean carpet, can I also claim that our cleaning also sanitize carpet?
I am with you 100%. How is it possible to genuinely sanitize carpet? Seriously, to get rid of all microbes from a fabric surface using any form of cleaning technology that our industry presently has at its disposal would be a stretch. We definitely IMPROVE the health of the carpet. But we can't truthfully claim that it's "sanitized". That’s my two cents.
I love VLM. That said, I would be careful telling clients that VLM cleans like HWE. I wish VLM cleaning is the same, but it's not. VLM is great for appearance, but it doesn't pull out nasty stuff like HWE does.

I know VLM is far less costly than HWE but we should be honest about its limitations.

I know not everyone can afford a TM, but that doesn't mean it's OK to mislead customers.

If I hired a carpet cleaner to clean my carpet, I wouldn't want VLM... period. I would want to cleaner to extract all the gunk I hired the cleaner to get rid of.

That said... most commercial customers just want "clean looking" carpet as cheap as possible.
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Please define VLM carpet cleaning & why is it not as good as HWE??


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Looks like a topic for a video or blog post. True, there are differences between HWE and VLM. Just as there are differences in models of Ford cars. Yet they're all cars, and they can all get you from point A to point B. Likewise, HWE and VLM can get you from point A to point B.

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