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Prochem Procaps / Winsor Icapsol
I have a used one coming from an ebay auction this week, just wondered if anyone has experience with these machines. I initially intended to use it for CGD encap applications but now I'm seeing some unfavorable posts with regard to encapping with this unit.
If all else fails I thought it would at least be a good traffic lane scrubber for commercial or even residential berbers.
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
I haven't used one but a friend of mine does and he's not too happy with it. I really like my brush & clean it works great. JMO!
It's not a bad machine. We sold them for a while. They perform fairly well. By comparison, the Brush & Clean / Strong Dry / Brush Pro / GLS (all the same Austrian built machine under different names) perform the best of any CRB machine on the market. The new owners of the Strong Dry brand look like they're prepared to really handle the machines well. We sell the Strong Dry TM4 and TM5 models.

We also observed that the iCapsol machine broke fairly easily if it wasn't handled gently. So treat yours with care. Windsor now builds all their stuff in China, so it's not the same quality that it used to be. They also wouldn't stand behind customers with warranty problems as well as they should have. Didn't sit very well with us. We no longer sell Windsor products.

If you'll treat the iCapsol delicately, including transporting in your vehicle, it should give you relatively good performance. Wishing you success!
Bring to mind the old saying, "Caveat Emptor"

Let the buyer beware.

We have one; we use it primarily for high rise residential pre-scrub for HWE, and occasionally to agitate pre-treatments for oriental rug cleaning. IMO, it works moderately well on CGD; we'll use it in high-end offices with cut pile carpeting since it leaves marks like a wand or vacuum would.

It's broken a couple of times. I was shocked when we repaired it ourselves to see that the construction wasn't exactly bulletproof! So it's probably not the best unit to give to an abusive tech. Smile We wouldn't buy another one in the future unless it was at a great price. Be careful with it, and you should be OK
Well I'll have to see how it goes then and take care of it. It was fairly cheap so not a big loss. If need be, I'll resell it.
thanks guys!
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
I have a Prochem Procaps machine and a Cimex. I got the Prochem machine because of the weight difference--I wasn't liking taking the Cimex up and down stairs. Maybe I'm a rare bird, but I've been totally happy with my Procaps machine, have great results using that and Hydrox (i swear by that stuff!) on residential, and i will also use it on small commercial jobs just because its already in my truck and ready to go.
One nice thing about it is that even after a thorough pre-vacuum, it really digs out the
"stuff" in the carpet! When you pull out the collection tray, it's full of all sorts of nasty stuff...
Well as an update on the Icapsol machine, I used it this morning on a 4 room & hall residential frieze type carpet and it worked great for scrubbing in the encap punch then followed up with challenger and glad pad then vacuumed. Looked great, happy customer and total time involved was only a little over an hour. Not much different than my usual routine (time wise) and a better result.
Machine seems solid and quality built, quiet and lifts pile great! It's an older model so maybe it's the U.S. Made model huh?
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
(02-15-2013, 07:24 AM)CleanItGreen Wrote: I wasn't liking taking the Cimex up and down stairs.

Fair Dinkum mate, you guys simply amaze me.

Please, do yourself and your body a favour, contact Rick or staff at Excellent-Supply and purchase the "Cimex Big Boy Wheel Kit".


Many have read my glowing praises of these wheels over the (nearly) last decade, & I'm still going strong, and still taking "Big Yella" up and down stairs daily.

For you newbies 'n younguns', I hit 68 in less than a month.

[Image: SDC10272.jpg]

[Image: SDC10045.jpg]

The photo above is taken from on top of the carpark where my van is parked, I had already taken Big Yella up one flight for this pic, where you can see it two more flights above.

[Image: SDC10043.jpg]

Once inside the unit, I had another internal TIMBER STAIRCASE to climb.

Very slippery coming down, Ideatowel on that first top step to ensure you don't slip. Wink

Now, I do admit, that I am giving up the residential work as the economy improves, but I sure as heck ain't giving up commercial, nor my beloved Mex; waltzing partner.

Very nice. 68 hmm and i thought I was old at 60. God Bless you!

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