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Cimex machine
Question for you pros - I was cleaning carpet with my cimex over the weekend. I flipped my champagne pads over to use other side of pad. 
When I started my cimex it was dragging, going real slow until I pushed down on the handle and ran it like that. This went on for a little while. Any idea what caused
the machine to drag like that? This wasn't the first time this has happened. Any one else experience that?
If your machine is dragging, it could be that the belt is beginning to slip. As the belt gets older it starts to stretch. And the early detector that it's getting nearer to replacement time is that some slippage can occur.

Sometimes you will find that the belt "slips" due to stretching over time. This is the case when you start your machine with the head down on the carpet and upon starting the machine you notice the bowl does not spin but the motor does.

The solution for that is to either replace the belt or take off the belt and rough up the center pulley with emery cloth, sandpaper or wire wheel to get a little better "bite" on that center pulley and then flip the belt inside out and reinstall it.

To install a belt simply wrap the belt around the center pulley and 2 outer pulleys and then start the belt onto the third pulley while slowly turning the pulleys and it will work its way on with a bit of effort.

NOTE ABOUT PADS: Do not flip your pads over. When you do this the worn side won't adhere properly to the pad driver. Instead, just keep running the pads till they're about 1/4" thick, then peel them off and replace them. FiberPlus pads normally last about 7,000 top 10,000 sq ft per installation.
What are the best replacement belts on the market, Encapman?
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