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upholstery cleaning
I'm in the process of bidding on upholstery cleaning. I have around 33 chairs to clean.
I will be using punch as my cleaner. Not sure if I will be using hand bonnet only or mixing 
punch in extractor after bonnet cleaning. I guess it will depend on how dirty chairs are. 
What do you upholstery cleaners using this method normally charge per chair?
We'd normally charge between $3 - $8 per chair surface for commercial upholstery jobs like you're describing. Office chairs normally have 2 or 3 surfaces. The two cushioned surfaces where you sit - and the third surface would be the backside. The price can be lower if there are loads of chairs and they can be encap cleaned with a Bonnet Mitt, Rota Brush, or Drill Driver. And the rate slides higher when there are fewer chairs and if they need to be extracted.

For example: With a bonnet mitt you can typically clean a two-sided chair in a couple of minutes. So your 33 chairs would comfortably take a couple of hours. Even in the low range of $4 per surface, you'd generate $264.
Thank you for that wise advise.
You're welcome Smile

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