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Bracket for solution tank on Cimex
Hi all, not sure if I've posted these before, anyhow, some newbies that own a Cimex may not have seen them.

In the past week, I've had two people contact me about a problem with their solution tank leaking.

I myself have had the same problem & decided to do something positive about it.

My Old Cimex is an original one, made in the U.K. which I have modified a little bit.

Today, the mod; will be confined to the small metal bracket that (supposedly), supports the solution tank.

I had a new one made up which I fitted & took photos as I was installing the set-up.

All self explanatory, I hope this benefits someone in some small way.

[Image: Cimex-Bracket-2.jpg][Image: Cimex-Bracket-1.jpg][Image: Cimex-Bracket-3.jpg][Image: Cimex-Bracket-4.jpg]

[Image: Cimex-Bracket-5.jpg]

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Thanks for sharing the pics Shorty. That's a slick idea for a more robust mounting plate fort the tank.

You're always inventing cool stuff. I guess living Down Under draws more blood to the brain. Wink

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