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Can you leave ox-erase on carpet without extraction?
How does it compare to usr or other urine treatment solutions??
Can you use it on wool???
It's recommended that Ox-Erase be applied prior to normal cleaning (i.e. extraction). It's similar function to USR, but goes beyond in odor elimination. It is not recommended for wool or for silk. Here's what their product info says:

Ox-Erase™ Stain and Odor Remover uses Odorcide’s proven proprietary odor elimination technology combined with stain removing oxidizers for pet urine, blood, coffee, feces, vomit and other organic stains that works with little or no dwell time. All Thornell products use a combination of counteraction, bonding (chemisorption) and absorption to eliminate odors.

Hope that info helps you.

Here's a link...

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