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cleaning glue down carpet
I have a bluish/gray gd carpet to clean. Its an old carpet and has not been 
cleaned in a long time. Large spots are all over the carpet. The chemicals I have
is hydrox, ds2 & punch. The machines I have a hot water extractor, cimex and
a 175rpm scrubber. Any recommendations on the best way to tackle this job to make me shine? Blush
Thanks in advance.
Pre-Spray with Encap-Punch. And then scrub with Encap-Clean DS2. Should turn out nice! Just keep your moisture to a minimum.

Use your Cimex. Scrub slowly enough to get the job done. Avoid over-wetting the carpet. Make extra scrubbing passes with your CImex (dry-passes) as needed. And use the spill stain remedy on spill stains as needed.

And if you have any concerns about wicking you could do a quick post-bonnet cleaning using your 175 and Encap-HydrOx (literally fly over the carpet - again with minial moisture).

P.S. Your message slipped through without being seen sooner, so I want to apologize for that oversight.

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