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The EncapBoard is Now Closed
After a couple of decades, the EncapBoard is now officially closed. At one time this was a very active forum. But Facebook and other forms of social media have largely replaced message boards. There are a couple of industry forums that are still running, yet not at the level of the forums in the early 2000's.  

We will leave this forum up as a reference. Feel free to explore the world of encapsulation by performing searches (in this forum and in the archived forum). There's a wide range of materials that can help you in your business. However, the EncapBoard is no longer open for posting new messages.  

We’re continuing to actively put out relevant content for our industry. Our emphasis is now on our YouTube channel "EncapTV", our blog "EncapBlog", as well as our Facebook page. And of course, if you have encap related questions or need help with your business you can always reach out to us at Excellent Supply (727) 821-2020.

Sites you may want to visit...
Excellent Supply  https://www.ExcellentSupply.com
EncapTV  https://www.youtube.com/c/ExcellentSupplycom/videos
EncapBlog  https://www.excellent-supply.com/a/blog
Old Forum Archive  https://forum.excellent-supply.com/Forum/

Thank you all for 18 great years together! 

Warm Regards,
Rick Gelinas
The Encapman

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