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Video of the Oreck Lowboy - Now in stock!
If you are using a Lowboy. What is the best pad for residential and commercial? Also I have head about Glad pads. What are they and how do they compare?
Glad pads are good. They're similar to the Superzorb pads that we sell. Nice absorbency.

The Tuway Thin One bonnets are a nice all around bonnet for all carpets. Durable.

The Microbeast bonnets are a nice absorbent bonnet that also has great scrubbing and dirt grabbing properties.
I like it
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Much better looking than my old green one, and so shinyTongue And you know what I like even more than shiny things? Shiny things that i can clean carpet withBig Grin I may look into a new one one of these days for that price. Just wish someone would come up with an effective wheels on the ground upgrade. Hint, hint Rick
Rick, can someone order the driver from you separately? You have the correct velcro driver and I think Oreck offers the hook and loop which is the little plastic nubby thingys?

Looking around for a used one...
Yes we can certainly sell you the "correct velcro driver" for your Lowboy.

In fact, the included velcro pad driver is one of the things that sets us apart from other folks selling the Lowboy. I haven't seen the Lowboy offered with a velcro pad driver by other sellers. As you noticed, we're including the "correct" driver. Smile

The list price for the velcro driver that we're featuring with the Lowboy is $119.
Can I come by the store and test drive one?
Just got mine from Brian. Should have it here at the shop buy Thursday and already have it on a job for this Saturday. Can't wait! Been using a BrushPro only up to this point.
Let us know how you like it. It's an awesome machine!
Especially when you consider how reasonable the price is.
Took it out of the box and it was together in 5 minutes. Looks great.
Put a blue and grey pad on it and then cleaned a medium cut pile nylon carpet.
It litterally wore me down fighting the thing. What the ***** is going on?
It will pull a little to the right. This is the nature of ALL of the OP machines that have a free floating handle and wheels off the ground. But here are a few things to practice to make running the machine easier. Make sure that your bonnets are wet before you use them. Spray down sufficient detergent to get the fiber damp. And run the machine by pushing it straight forward and backward as much as possible, rather than side to side. Run it like you see Brian running it in the video that we shot - straight forward and backward. And if you're still fighting it, you might try using Tuway Thin One bonnets which have less drag on the carpet than the thicker MicroBeast bonnets.
Oxigreen, you are going to need a glider.
Another excellent piece of advice. Using a glider on plush/padded carpet makes a big difference. If you need one, let us know. They're $15.95
I just called and you guys are sending me a glider asap. Thank You!

I put on a white pad and did as you said with a little better results. But it has to get better than this before I can spend a day cleaning with the Lowboy.

BTW; when the wheel kit hits PLEASE have me at the top of the list? PLEASE

Thanks so much.

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