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Video of the Oreck Lowboy - Now in stock!
Like Rick said, forward and back starting on the left if you can, letting the machine go to the right as you go across the room. Also, the way the nap runs will dictate how the machine pulls and a glider is a must on some carpets. I even use one with micro beast pads at times.
Practice and you will get a feel for OP in no time.
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
Rick is (over nighting) me a glider for free! He called me and coached me on how to better handle the Lowboy and explained about the wheel mod thats just around the corner. They will also be putting me at the top of the list for the wheel mod. I couldn't ask for any better service from anyone!
What these guys did after the sale is what sets them apart from everyone else in this industry. HUGE shout out for these guys!

Thank you Rick!
Happy to help! We'll get you sorted out. Hang in there Smile
Ya there is going to be a little learning curve. When I used my Challenger, I would use my glide pretty much all the time. Also like Rick said, if you find yourself fighting more than usual, a tuway thin one or any other synthetic fiber pad will be better.

Good Luck!

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