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Never had a Problem with competition
So last week had a really big water job come my way and I could not handle it alone. It was an apartment complex that I work for and they had 2 water pipes break and a large amount of apartments flood I got they call arrived with all my water stuff fans dehus water claw truckmount ect. When I arrived it was way more than I could handle alone and the apartment manager came to me very nicely and said Andy we love ya but can you handle this or do we need call a larger company. I said no I cant handle it alone but I could call some help if thats ok she said yea no problem we would rather have you do it than someone we dont know. So I called two other companys that I am friends with to come help it was funny cause I didnt think anything of it as they call me when they are slammed or get big jobs also we have been helping each other out for long time this way. Later the manager came up to me and said how cool it was that I could be friends enough with my competition that I could call them to help with a job that the old company that was there before me would do nothing but bad talk other companys all the time. do you guys do this? I always have figured I cant clean all the carpet in the world might as well help and be friends with others.
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I don't have a problem with it. As a matter of fact, a buddy of mine, that I convinced to go low moisture, helps me on all big commercial jobs and vice versa. We both clean residential in the same area, but there is plenty of carpet to go around. We both are crazy, our wives tell us, because we love cleaning carpet the low moisture way! We both have orbots. On commercial jobs we prespray, he goes over it with his sprayborg and a fiberplus pad and I come behind with a microfiber to soak up the dirt and moisture. We can really wipe it out quick that way. FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Literally.
Sounds like you played it just perfect. Didn't bad mouth other companies; honestly told the manager you could not handle the size loss and yet you stayed involved in it and helped out friends make a few $ too, all while getting the job done! Way to go Andy.
Yea it was nice to help out some friends and make some money all at the same time.
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It's very nice to have such friend in the business to help out when needed. Good for you!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had a couple of friends like that.

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