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April Winner - Robert Balliot
Both of the entries this month were impressive. In fact we had a hard time choosing between the two. The reason we chose Robert's entry as the winner were for the following reasons...

1. The carpet did look great overall.
2. It was a commercial account and that's what these products are primarily intended for.
3. The cleaned "after" shots showed a nice consistency, with an even level of cleanness.
4. The quality of the photographs was also better.

Note: Guys, when you're taking indoor photos - lean the camera against a solid wall or piece of furniture, otherwise you WILL get some camera blur.

Keep up the good work! Keep the photos rolling in.
Huzzah and Thanks! I envision more DS2 and Microbeast bonnets coming in the near future. Smile
Robert Balliot
Hoss Home Care, LLC
how come i don't see the photo... or they not on this post?
Sorry about that. Here's the link to Robert's photos...
very impressive Robert! nice work!
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL

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