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Gary H Heacock - very sad news!!
This was posted by Con Shultz elsewhere.

Gary Heacock - very sad news!!
(for those that know of Gary!)

Gary Heacock Tragic News

Hello Everyone,

I have some sad news to share. My Dad Gary Heacock was involved in a fatal auto accident driving home from an event in Las Vegas. I know many of you were his friends and would want to know. Our family would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we walk through these next days and weeks.

I myself am a second generation cleaning and restoration professional and cut my teeth carrying buckets to fill the portables and shampoo machines and raking carpets as a teenager. My Dad was a great guy and loved helping and socicalizing with other carpet cleaners.

One of my proudest moments was when as a teenager I accompanied my Dad to a CCINW convention in CourdeLane Idaho where there was a fabric identifaction contetns and out of the hundreds of guys there, he was the only one to identify 10 out of 10 fabric fibers correctly. He often wore a hat that said, "World's Greatest Carpet Cleaner"

I got to spend time with him at the Vegas Connections last year and got to see many of you there. Even well into his retirement he loved staying connected with the community of cleaners and restorers. And if you bought a pair of his wand ski's, I'm sorry I had nothing to do with that LOL!

Alan Heacock

R.I.P. Gary,

Delia & Shorty.
Sorry to hear about this. My our prayer go out to your family for peace. God bless your family.
Very sad to hear this. I never met the man but learned a Lot from him through his website postings. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
That is some sad news indeed!!! Gary was a wonderful guy! Very caring, and always ready to share what he knew with others. I enjoyed many good times speaking with Gary. And I always felt like I learned something afterward. He was one of the good guys in this industry! He will surely be missed. My heart goes out to his son Alan and the family.

Here is a picture of Gary doing what he did best - teaching others a trick or two. He loved upholstery cleaning. And here he was doing a little class at one of the early Mikefests in California...

[Image: heacock_upholstery.jpg]

And here I am at the first Winterfest in Fresno California having my picture taken with the "World's Greatest Furniture Cleaner" himself...

[Image: heacock.jpg]

Gary was one of a kind. He will be missed!
yes indeed, some very sad news. a true industry icon and innovator!
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This is very sad news, to me. I have had many an email back and forth with Gary. I was never fortunate enough to meet him but so many of the things I do today were influenced by him. He always had time to help me, even though we had never met.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Alan and the rest of the Heacock family.
Sorry to hear of your loss. A great man.
I like many others knew gary through emails and his website and posting on internet. this is indeed sad news. thats the problem with cars... they can kill you.

my thought and prayers are with the family

he will be missed my many. RIP Gary
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