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I'm so confused I can't figure out what Releasit product is my favorite. Just did a dr office with a very colorful run and "pop" it looks amazing. Cimex with hydrox 360 fans dry in about 2 hours post vac and very happy.
It's a nice problem to have Smile
my favorite is Hydrox, we have tried lots LOTS!! of other hydrogen peroxide products, a few are close but none pack the POP on the carpet the way Ricks Juice does
My favorites are: Punch as a pre-spray + DS2 on commercial and Hydrox prespray + Hydrox on residential. However, I haven't tried the Bio-Encap yet ~ and there is a commercial and residential market for that product.
Robert Balliot
Hoss Home Care, LLC
I started off with Bio-Encap. Even used it as part of my marketing ("EPA certified cleaning solutions!") But I changed to Hydrox after a long discussion with Rick on the phone (when I tell people how carpet cleaners help each other, I use that as Exhibit A) and once I did that, it reduced the amount of post-cleaning spot work I have had to do. I use a Procaps machine on residential and people are thrilled with the results.
(05-23-2013, 08:24 AM)CleanItGreen Wrote: I use a Procaps machine on residential and people are thrilled with the results.

Clean it green, Do you use the procaps as a stand alone system on residential?
I ask because I bought a used one and I like it but I use an op machine primarily, Procaps for pile lifting in traffic areas and extra agitation.
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL

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