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shout out
Shout out to Rodney, did a couple of jobs today with the cimex since the repair and it purrs like a kitten. Thanks for the help.
Glad to hear that. Thanks! Rod is awesome when it comes to mechanical stuff.

In fact here's a little sign sitting on the front counter where Rodney sits. Big Grin

[Image: somewhat-genius.JPG]
That's a cool sign. Now Rodney don't let go to your head. LOL You do a great job with service.
At first that sign was just "Genius bar" but somewhere along the way, someone downgraded me to "somewhat Genius". I'll take what I can get ....thanks
Rod Clarkin
Excellent Supply 727-821-2020 
Just wanted to send out a HUGE "Thank you" to Rod and Betty at Excellent Supply for really helping me out and taking care of a very difficult situation. The both of them went way above and beyond in helping address an issue with my HOS Orbot. I was totally unable to work due to the problem and the both of them worked very hard at getting things together for me and getting me back up and running in 2 days!

Al Huntz
We Care Cleaning Services
Huntersville, NC

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