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Hey Shorty........
Hey Shorty,

I see you have a small extractor in your tool bag. May I ask when, where, why and how often do you use it? I know you do mostly VLM so thought I would ask. Thanks!

Hi Lee,

I use it nearly every, or every other day.

Sounds weird, but there are reasons for this, just like me. Wink

Being in the tropics, it is kinda warm nearly all year round.

Most everyone sweats to a fair degree, even the rug rats or ankle biters, (kids).

We all know how well they treat furniture. Dodgy

Many homes also have swimming pools.

A good amount of sun screen and other oils are used on the bodies.

Much of the above is transferred to the upholstery, unfortunately, much of the Aussie psyche is such that if it's not dirty, don't clean it. BlushAngry

As such, I really like to flush these oils out, this is where the small spotter comes in, mainly for the arms, inner back, cushion seats & front kick panel.

Most suites/furniture are encapped but with special attention paid to the above areas.

Some times, I also get urine, vomit and other problems that I believe need to be flushed.

I rarely use it with my wand, generally my upholstery tools & mini water claw, although for problems in the carpet, especially near the wall (smooth-edge), I do break out my 1.5" x 12", 2 jet scrub wand which is also very light weight.

I also use it on VERY SMALL WDR jobs for extraction, which may be followed with bonnets and even dehums; & air movers, depending on the situation.

I do have an older and much smaller Bridgepoint spotter which is too small for my needs, hence the move to a larger machine, without all the weight & size of a conventional porty;

I also still have a couple of new/old porty's that I hate using with a vengeance. Big GrinTongue

I'll resort to whatever I need to that will enable me to achieve the best possible outcome, not only for my customers, but also for me.

I agree shorty. I sold my mytee speedster a few years ago because it was so bulky and cumbersome and now use a small 3 gal spotter for flushing occasional pee and vomit type stuff as well as stairs and most upholstery. I would like to have a mid sized extractor with a floor wand also but just haven't found one that catches my eye yet.
Funny how the mind goes toward small and light weight more and more. Physical work for over 30 years does that.
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
Thanks Shorty! I am leaning towards a small 3 gal unit for residential and thought I would ask an expert!

Gee, thanks Lee, I think.... Blush

Definition: EXPERT...

Ex: A has been....

Spert: A drip under pressure......

Big Grin Yep, got me in one. Big Grin

The way I see it is the way Wikipedia describes "expert".

And I quote.. "An expert (About this sound Audio (US) (help·info), also called cognoscente[1]) is someone widely recognized as a reliable source of technique or skill whose faculty for judging or deciding rightly, justly, or wisely is accorded authority and status by their peers or the public in a specific well-distinguished domain". Yep...that sounds about right!


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