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Browning in sofa heads rests?
The sofa is a (light blue) nylon blend that is very color fast.
I have Hydrox and Realeaseit Spotter. What would you do?

I'm thinking Hyrox 20:1 with a twenty min dwell and then encap.

Thanks guys!
Hair gel, hair spray, possible hair dye?
Could be any one of them. She said she entertains a lot and noticed this was happening.
What would you go at it with?

Sounds like oils.
  1. As a first step you could gently wipe and blot with Odorless Mineral Spirit.
  2. Then you could gently wipe and blot with Encap-Spot.
  3. Then clean it with Encap-HydrOx.

[Image: ec2279b3-bf1b-4d8b-b1a5-0735362eb4bd_300.jpg]
I would have never thouht of mineral spirits. thanks Rick.
(05-23-2013, 06:36 AM)NJP Wrote: I would have never thouht of mineral spirits. thanks Rick.

I can't take credit for that one. I learned about using OMS from the old guru himself - the late Bob Wittkamp.
Rick this is an good idea to clean a light colored sofa I will also try this idea at home for sure.
chemdry rapid dry
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I had one last week that was the worst one I EVER saw in 30+ years..person who used the chair was handicapped, so they spent a lot of time in the chair. We used HWE, but the same principles apply; I used a filtration soil remover that has a high solvent content, which literally ran off the material...this was so impacted, the material looked like oily bird's feathers, if you catch my drift. This is where having 200+ degree water really helped out! Looked like new when done.
When we run across these we use dry cleaning fluid, similar to OMS. We spray it on and extract it off with HWE. It works great. Done it this way for 21 years now.

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