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Thank You
I'd like to say Thank You to Rick Lord for referring me to a large account. I met with the guy from Atlanta today at one of the properties in Houston and will be starting work on Tuesday evening cleaning once a month. Best part is I landed the account charging .18 a sf. Using my Cimex /Releasit combo. Thanks Rick.
Kev couldn't happen to a better guy. Now we just got to get you the other 16 they own in your area!
Good for you. That's a great price also.
I talked with Herman today Rick and the 16 others are a real possibility. I posted some pics of the job in the photo contest area. We only had to clean the solid color carpet not the patterned carpet. Thanks again Rick.
Great news I looked at the pics nasty.
It's good to see cleaners referring others. Rick Lord is a good guy. I have called him for advice in the past and he is real helpful. I remember meeting Rick at connections in 2006.

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