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Tile and Grout with cimex
it seems the grout brush the handle with the brush on the end is the tool of choice when cleaning grout lines...

i am ok with but do any of you think the cimex scubbs the grout line as good or better...

I have a pretty big job and i am ok with hiring a extra hand pushing the grout brush but if the cimex can scubb better than i will buy the brush kit

and yes i am going to use the SX12 to clean i am just using the cimex to scubb
Get the brushes if it is a big job, hand scrubbing is slow and hard work
The brushes along with the weight set can do a good job.

T&G Brushes

Weight Set
I use the cimex on my large tile & grout jobs with the brushes and tm rinse with my OLD black turbo. Time is money. LOL!! Rick do you mean the HEAVY cimex can get heavier with a weight set???? Peter B.
Well I like the T&G brushes because they looks more good and better in performance, and also not so much expensive.. I think you should try one of them and after using share your experience.
I like the cimex for scrubbing T&G, but it does splash against walls and baseboards, so be aware of that.

I think it cuts down on the amount of manual scrubbing of grout joints, not to mention it's effectiveness on grimy tile or tile with distressed patterns that harbor grime and filth.
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