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Which is your business ?
A. 1.you are pretty much on call, if someone calls you on Saturday morning you go jump in the van go do the job
2. You have a job in morning and the next client wants you to come at 3:30 and you have 4 hours between jobs
positive side of this is you have excellent customer service
negative its affects you life & if you use a helper it cost you money... like having them wait 4 hours between jobs or not having them scheduled for a Saturday because until Saturday morning you had no work

B. 1.clients schedule a week ahead of time
2. you tell them what times you have available
Positive you have a life and things run smooth.
Negative you may lose clients and people think you are hard to use because you wont work with them.

I know which one i want I know i don;t have it... now the question is do i not have because i am scared or smart ?
Part of the reason I got into business for myself is to be able to exert some "control" over my life. I will respond to immediate needs if I can, but if I have other things planned (personal, that is..) I stay with my own schedule. As such, I have never missed any of my kids activities. As they say, priceless....
Ed Elliott

I agree with Ed. When we went into business my dad and I made a decision that we will not clean carpet on Saturdays or Sundays and our rug cleaning plant is not open on the weekends either. We will do water damage work 24/7 but we do try to take turns so that no one person has to work all the time. Now with employees this is much easier. I also think by not working employees on the weekends that it is easier to keep them longer. I have had many employees over 5 years.

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