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Rick's CMS program
I downloaded it a couple weeks ago and haven't had time to go through it much. I just started customizing things with my company info and logos and It looks really nice!
I'll be putting it into action soon!
BTW...One thing I learned early in life is that if you want to excel at something, look around and see who already HAS and if you're lucky, that person won't mind you gloming on for some advice and guidance. No sense re inventing the wheel.
Having looked at many marketing programs for a few years now, I can say this one looks very well thought out and obviously effective or I don't think any of us would have heard of this Gelinas guy by now. Big Grin
And....the price isn't crazy like most of the others!
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL

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