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Too much urine
I must be getting old and miserable. Today I walked away from a job I have cleaned for years. Usually it has 5-7 urine spots I go in clean it up and move on. Today it had dog poop and more urine than anyone should ever allow in their barn oh I mean home. I just don't want to subject my cords, brushes, bonnets , hoses and wands to that anymore. I don't know how people live that way but I see more and more of it. I suggest they pull the carpet up and put down some straw. I think it hurts their feelings
That's ok Rob. I turned down a really nice water restoration job ($5,000+) the other day because the insured was a perfectionist and I knew he would never be pleased. Sometimes there are just easier ways to make money. Just because its a job doesn't mean it is a job for me. I like to qualify my customers and make sure it is a fit for both of us, if it isn't then I will be the one that always loses and so why do it in the first place.

It was really hard for me to turn down that work but when it was the middle of the night and the insurance company was starting to tell me how to do my job and the insured was telling me how expensive all his stuff was, it just became not worth it real fast.
A lot of money in restoration but a lot of grief comes with it!
Yes restoration isn't easy money. I'll pass thank you.
I like the "put down straw" idea!
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
I have learned ( well i think i have ) i have tried several different services

Water Damage - which keep me stressed and late night phone calls - too much for one person

Stripping and Waxing floors -not complicated but requires a lot and lot of patience and really requires more than one person.

Wood Floor cleaning - not enough people asking for it to be worth it to me

I have told myself that lets concentrate on 3 things 1. carpet cleaning 2. Upholstery cleaning and 3 Tile cleaning. and try to be the best...I think learning to say NO can be a very freeing think
Leofry great minds must think a like. We concentrate on three things also.
1. Water damage 2. Rug Cleaning 3. Carpet Cleaning. This is also the order in which they bring in revenue. In 2001, we were 80% carpet cleaning and 20% water restoration. Now we are 60% water restoration 20% rug cleaning and 20% carpet cleaning.
yeah Kevin i just almost did the same thing i was about 80% residential and 20% commercial, I wanted to flip that and i am not close i am about 65% commercial

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