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Carpet square issues
Good evening, i have been cleaning a commercial building for 6 years and just last year they ripped out the old carpet and put in carpet squares. I went to clean it the other day with my cimex and DS and i am having a hard time removing some spots that were easy to remove with the old carpet. I have gone back and lightly sprayed them and used a towel to get them out but i am still having a hard time. Anyone else have any ideas for these squares??
Ryan Van Donge
Best Choice Carpet Cleaning
Can you identify what the spots are? The Cimex and Encap-Clean DS2 works great on ALL types of fiber. And even though you're cleaning carpet tiles that won't have any affect on the way it cleans. So we have to look at what the stains are made of. If it's the normal drink spills that you'd get in a typical business, DS2 blows through that and together with the Cimex it's the bomb. Give me a call if you need some help.
I would agree with Rick it is not an issue with the chemical or machine just the type of spots. You might want to mix some DS up in a spray bottle at 50/50 rate and use it as a spot remover. This helps us a bunch.
Some of the spots are grease but most of the other spots are food/drink. The janitor tried to get them out before i got there and i am thinking thats 'part of the issue. I never had any problem before but these light gray color squares are being tough. I did spray them with a DS spotter and also i went back and tried hydrox on them but that tended to leave a white color where ever i spot cleaned.
Ryan Van Donge
Best Choice Carpet Cleaning
Give Encap-Spot a try. It is awesome for a wide range of spots.

You could also try a 50/50 mix of Encap-Clean DS2 as Kevin mentioned above.

The advantage of Encap-Spot is that it's designed for a wide range of stains and it doesn't need to be rinsed. It can work some pretty stuff loose.

Rick Gelinas
The Encapman
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Could they have been glued down with too much adhesive? The glue can bleed up through.

If they are Olefin, oily spills can leave a permanent dark spot.

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