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chemical shelf life
Last September I had an arm injury that kept me away from carpet cleaning for a good while. I'm back at it now but I still have chemicals (DS2, Punch, Hydrox, Soileze, Foam Guard) that are 9-15 months old. They are kept in my basement garage so they did not freeze and did not get too hot. Should they still be OK to use and should I mix them a little stronger than usual?
Should be perfectly fine.

Here are the steps you should follow...

1. Mix chemicals according to the directions on the label.
2. Put the solution into your machine.
3. Clean the carpet, and admire the results.
4. Collect the money from your customer.
5. Rub your stuffed wallet on the part of your arm that was injured.

Follow these 5 steps and you'll do fine. Smile

Rick Gelinas,
The Encapman

727-821-2020 ext. 209
Many thanks!
Shelf life; just one more reason I buy from Excellent Supply.
Thanks for the suggestion i would love to buy this from excellent supply because it will becomes so easy to clean.

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