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Any benefit in joining?

Rick are you still involved?
I'm still on the board of directors.

The present benefit of joining is that you'll be a part of an organization that supports low moisture cleaning. The LMCCA is presently focused on increasing its "member benefits". I expect that in the near future there will be added benefits that'll make it even more of a draw.
I'm not a big fan of all these groups. It seems like there is a group for anything and they all have their hand out for money. I am a big fan of proper training but don't feel I need to be a member of any fancy group. I love the bbb threatening messages to call them back immediately as if I did something wrong then when you call back they want your money to join. All that being said I just went to the lmcca site and must admit it peeked my interest. I guess you could say I have a passion for lm cleaning. You should join a group because you want to not because you feel you have to.
I can appreciate the way feel Rob. In fact I'm not nuts about where the LMCCA has gone. Not what I had envisioned. Time will tell if it continues to emerge as a viable organization that can bring benefits to its members.

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For me personally this forum is very valuable. I would rather pay a membership fee for the help and support I get here than to pay for someone else's business adventure. I think that's what most of those groups are. On this forum you get real life experience and support with no agenda behind it. Thank you for the forum.
i'm only interested in joining any group if it is going to bring me prospective clients. the LMCCA site piqued my interest in that aspect, no idea if that would actually happen though.

thanx for the reply Rick.

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