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Do you always let the client win ? in other words is the client always right
Send back the $75 and be done with it. Do it in a pleasant way and move on. Might save some bad press. Don't worry about it. Life goes on! Go find 10 great customers and make money!
(06-22-2013, 06:32 AM)leofry@1966 Wrote: ok so lets say you clean for someone today and they call you back in 6 weeks and say there not happy you go back ?

Absolutely! Like others, I offer 100% satisfaction. I always go above and beyond for my customers.....even if they are wrong or trying to get a free clean. Just the kind of person I am, plus it helps me sleep better at night lol.

Also, we are not talking 6 weeks, we are talking about 4-5 days here? Either way I would just "wash my hands" with these types of customers and move on.....chalk it up as a loss. I believe in karma btw....:angel:
Our guarantee for KleenStep works well because it makes them feel safe, and it also weeds out the scammers. Notice that it says we will come back and address any problem first. So they know they will need to see us again before they will get a refund. This weeds out those who might otherwise think they could just get a cleaning and then not have to pay. In fact we've never had to refund anyone yet. We've always been able to address any issue that has arisen. Yet I think the guarantee helps customers to feel more comfortable to do business with us.

Here's the wording of our guarantee...

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed:
We've built our business since 1982 by providing "knock your socks off" service. If you have a problem we'll rush back to see what went wrong - stuff can happen. We will cheerfully address whatever concern you have. And if you're still not satisfied, we will be happy to give you a refund. No hassles ever - that's our policy.
all good advice guys I will keep it mind for the next time... i normally do go back, I have actually never not gone back... but anyway its all good
I have been real lucky with no call backs...BUT, I haven't done a boat load of carpets yet either(but that's another story)Big Grin....anyway, before I leave a customer's home, I always tell them to call me if there are any problems. I then go over the process I used and explain wickback. I tell them it's a very rare problem for VLM but it can happen...And I have been pretty lucky so far as to not getting picky customers...I try my best to under promise and over deliver...So far so good...they always seem happy....
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I always tell them if they have any problems give me a call.. I get it guys to me i am considering this the 1% than i am not kissing there butt, he was rude and treating to hurt my business i get that you guys are OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE.. well i will kiss a little butt maybe a lot but not always... not this time... if it hurts my business (which i don;t believe it will) then it does.. I am a fair guy but not putting up with everything... thanks guys for the advice, but i am the captain of this ship and final decision is mine and I have made it ..if someone wants to call me and say hey am not happy can you look at this again sure not problem, but don;t call and treat me like a dog... cause I ant having it..
And that is what matters, it is how you feel about it and how you sleep at night.

This is why we are self employed so that we can work for ourselves and be our on bosses. We do this because we are not the normal 9-5 guys, we do things our own way and that's who we are.

We chose this business so that we don't need to work for a jerk or the guy (you know him, the loser) but because his brother in law is the plant supervisor he gets promoted and is now your boss. We chose this work so we don't have to be part of the gossip cause we got caught picking our nose in the break room or that we are not part of the in crowd because word got out that we collect Transformers (that's a whole story in it self and I won't go there).

You need to do what you feel is the right thing to do. All the advise here can't make you change your mind. It's your business, you asked for advise and you received it, but only you know what the correct answer is.

I know what I would do, but it don't matter what I would do, only what you do after all it's your business.

Do what you know is right and fair and you will sleep at night.

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