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Hos Orbot Micro
I wanted to see what you guys thought about the Micro. I am thinking about getting one for doing both stairs and upholstery. Thanks, Mike
i have a cyclo, same thing for the most part. i only use it to encap commercial upholstery.

someone (can't remember who) swears by them for stairs...i haven't tried.
I put a post on Truckmount Fourms and someone said that the Cyclone would stop rotating once he put it on the carpet, is that true ?
(07-02-2013, 06:37 AM)MikeHabib Wrote: I put a post on Truckmount Fourms and someone said that the Cyclone would stop rotating once he put it on the carpet, is that true ?

If that's the case, he should send it in for repair, hopefully under warranty. It definitely should handle carpet. There's something wrong there.
i haven't tried it but i'd agree with Rick. mine spins like a mad man on upholstery. it can be a little too aggressive if you are not watching it. i assumed it would do the same on carpet.

i use green brushes.
I bought a Cyclo. Same machine. Less $$$$. Works great on upholstery, but I'm currently working on cutting an Oreck Orbital down to do with upholstery.
Hey Judd, Lets see a picture of that when you get it cut down!
I've been using HOS Orbot Micro for over a year. Have brushes and pads to do carpet, upholstery and tile. Utilize the machine almost everyday. It makes cleaning carpet on stairs a breeze. Find it very useful on tile cleaning in small bathrooms or around commodes and the like. Very reliable. Machine has paid for itself many, many times over.
Thanks for the help. I'm going to purchase a Cyclo. It looks like the same machine that Hos is marketing but for about $300 dollars less.
Where do you buy a "cyclo"? I tried to google it and look up on ebay but no results?
What do I look up?
Most auto detailing shops carry them. Several are online. Google "cyclo orbital polisher" That should render some results.
I got mine here. Great service and price.

Thanks guys!
I bought pads and supplies from autogeek- good to deal with.
I had a Cyclo. Will be buying another one soon.


Cyclos are built like a Sherman tank. If that guy at the HWE forum is having trouble he should return it. And we all know that those guys over on the HWE forum never tell tall tales.

They are monsters and will make your arms hurt if your a weakling..LOL. They will last for years and are built tough. I am sorry I sold mine, like everything else I had.

Trust me, you will not go wrong with one.

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