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Working in A/C... versus ...not
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anyone else get worn out FAST when they are working in a home/facility with little to no air conditioning? or is it just a sign of how out of shape i am??

the last couple weeks i have had a few big accounts that were 10+ hours.

today's account was only about 7 but i was shot at about the 5 hour mark because they had the A/C off for the long weekend. sweating like a fool. maybe i just need to bring some Gatorade? i reckon the iced coffee didn't help, being a diuretic and all Huh

not an important thread but i wanted to share my misery Tongue could be worse i know. at least i wasn't working out doors.
The reason I quit doing Residential was because of the heat here. The summers cleaning were killing me. I actually got sick a couple of times during some of the hottest times.
In AC I can clean for twice the time with 1/2 the fatigue.
Rlord, where do you live?

I am in Vegas - gets a little warm here....

Derek, I am in terrible physical shape, but I can sort of endure the heat, it's the stairs that I have a problem with.

(07-04-2013, 09:06 PM)rlord Wrote: The reason I quit doing Residential was because of the heat here. The summers cleaning were killing me. I actually got sick a couple of times during some of the hottest times.
In AC I can clean for twice the time with 1/2 the fatigue.
I live in Atlanta.
I lost 2 jobs this week along the lake the fog/humidity made visibility about 100ft. Went in houses to clean and carpets were already wet so I took the safe way out and didn't clean. 3 miles away from the lake cleaned carpets and dry 1 hour
No Derek it's not just you. LOL I'm the same way but I think I'm older than you. A least that's my excuse.
Derek, I had an empty tri-level home 2 weeks ago that almost killed me! All closed up and no air. I opened windows but didn't help much. I was there almost 4 hours with nothing but coffee! Dumb!
I bring Gatorade now.
Up and down stairs a lot and had to vac all edges (filthy) against baseboards so pretty time consuming. So no, it's not just you. I'll be 51 in a few months and out of shape ! The bad thing is, the older you get, the harder it is to get back in shape!!
Mike Becker
All-Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Mendota, IL
The worst for me is doing water restoration work and having to get in the attic to remove wet insulation. Just a few minutes up in an attic and it is hard to function after that. The heat will really zap your energy and here in Houston its not just the heat but the humidity that will get you.
I thank my lucky stars I love the heat and humidity, for what ever reason it does not bother me , I hate AC one part of my home does not have AC so I can actually sit in comfort. Working out side doing farm work most of my misspend youth and part of young adult probably has something to do with it, that and I have a stainless steel prosthetic in my dominant arm and AC raises ***** with it.

It is in the 90s and has been for a few weeks now and I am loving it except for my wood floors are taking longer to dry
This time of year I am running 4-5 vacant student units per day, usually in different complexes. 2 or 3 flights of stairs with most of them, and it is usually hot and humid. I am alone most of the time, unless my son is working with me.

I almost always turn the AC on while I am working, to stay cool, move some air and to help drying times. I have to shut it off when I leave though. I drink alot of water and just keep moving. At 55, I am still blessed to be able to work pretty hard.
Ed Elliott

I did some volunteer relief work in Nashville after the floods a couple of years back. I was roofing on 60 year old homes in 100+ degree weather with 75%+ humidity.

Its all been comfortable since.
After I posted yesterday then I got a call for a busted water heater in an attic. I went over there and it was 135 in the attic. Thank goodness I was able to get the wet insulation out in 10 minutes and then get out of there. I don't know how plumbers and A/C guys stand working in those spaces.
135! Crap I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I'm going back to bed. I did 12 bathrooms T&G yesterday all in one location and AC running nice easy day.
I did a combination job at a business that was moving to a new location last week. It was a strip and wax of old commercial tile, clean buff and refinish a big run of hardwood, and a small run of of commercial carpet in the loading area. The AC was not installed and it was about 95 and humid. I brought the Mighty Minis with me to dry the floors and froze a half a bottle of water - one of those big 32 oz Nalgenes. I will not wear shorts at a job, because of chemicals and the somewhat non-professional appearance. But, I found that the nylon Hiking Pants from LLBean wick away moisture with a breeze, don't get wrinkled and provide the right amount of protection. The Mighty Minis and the water worked well.
Robert Balliot
Hoss Home Care, LLC
i love me some cargo shorts!! that's all i wear to work 6-7 months out of the year. i justify it by wearing our logo'ed polos and brown work shoes instead of sneakers Tongue

when i wear pants i sweat twice as much..ugh!

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