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Hydrox reveiw
Thanks Nick, When the time comes I am going to test both the Trinity and the Orbot. Customer service is very important to me and I have always had great service from Excellent Supply. I have been on John G's TRS webcast several times and have learned a ton about encapsulation cleaning however, I'm a full time cars salesman and these forums have been the best place to get information. Thanks for your advice !
We just did a pet Oder / stain job the other day it was cleaned by two other companies and enzyme treated, but the odoer was still very much there.

18 oz of Hydrox per gallon scrubbed in by a heavy rotary, let dwell for 1/2 hour flushed by Demon, then we used a product very similar to the product Rick recommended at Pet Smart but you do not have to extract it. Scrubbed it in with a new pad and let it sit, so far no call back, if it works out this will be out standard procedure as this was a really stinky one
Strictly speaking, the directions on Nature's Miracle doesn't require rinsing.
But I would recommend rinsing/flushing it out.

Sounds like a good technique you have there David! Thanks for sharing that.
Hi Rick
I have to agree with you about flushing out the Nature's Miracle
The product we used say the enzymes will continue to work up to two weeks, the client lives close to me so I am thinking about paying them a visit in a few weeks to check on things. My thought is to ask if I can play scientist and extract an area with the Demon to see what come up and if the odor may reactivate.

Best to be double triple sure about certain things

I've used nature miracle at the suggestion of Rick and it works great. Spray, wait, and either extract or dab with a towel. I also have another product (I *think* its CTI) as a backup but of course it must be rinsed.

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