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Ink on CGD?
I got a call from a company that has an ink stain about 2 feet by 2 feet. It was ink from a bottle that was used to refill stamp pads. I told them I would look at it today and see what I can do. I was thinking of encapping it. Any ideas or tips?

You'll need a solvent first.

Use CTI Ink Out.
Blot with a terry towel.
1. Wipe and blot and blot and blot and blot with Ink Out first.
2. Then douse and wipe and blot with Encap-Spot. Try to absorb and recover as much of the Ink Out as possible using Encap-Spot (negates the need for rinsing).
3. If the stain has been removed and you feel that you've recovered the bulk of the Ink Out, you could then proceed with normal Encap cleaning. Or you could rinse the stain prior to Encap cleaning.

Rick Gelinas
The Encapman
Rick's right on the blot and blot and blot and on and on. It's going to take forever to remove that big an ink stain. Charge a bunch and get at least a couple bottles of the ink remover probably more.
I've had pens broken on CGD, they suspected by a disgruntled employee, not near as big as yours and I went thru a few towels and a bunch of ink remover getting it up. Unless they were a good customer or a good potential customer Personally I would say forget it
I had a custy (a tenant) who spilt a full bottle of black fountain pen ink. It was huge. I inspected it first and told him there was no way to fix this and to replace the carpet. However he didn't have the money and pleaded with me to at least extract as much as possible, so that he could live with it for now, because as it was he was walking it through the house. What happened in this situation is that the ink split. When I did the job (2 days after initial inspection) the yellow in the ink had split and the yellow would not budge. Not to mention wick back was already an issue even before I left (which I had already told him before I started) I left him some white towels which covered the area to absorb as much wick back as possible.

Extraction is the only option here but really if it's as much ink as you say then really replacement is the only true option. What is currently their problem becomes your problem as soon as you touch it.

If its not that bad then by all means go for your life, but don't over promise is my suggestion.


P.S. To add to what I mentioned above... A 2 foot by 2 foot stain will likely take you over an hour. Patience is required! And you'll blow out several towels , and you'll use a lot of Ink Out. So charge accordingly. Oh, and "under-promise" too.

Here's a link for Ink Out... http://www.excellent-supply.com/CTI-Pros..._p_49.html
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it. This forum has the absolute most cerebral responses to technical questions. I went to look at it last night, told them no charge and that I would test a few products out and see what I can do. They were happy and I tried encap, host sponges, strong sponges, and a few other non-aggressive things to make it look better. In the end, it might have lightened it up 10 percent, but not enough to charge them. I learned something, made a friend, and used some sponges that I had sitting on my shelves for the last year....oh my...I forgot what a pain vacuuming those little sponges up...
I had a very similar experience in a home with ink toner - i was gong to have to charge accordingly like Rick said.. i knew it was gong to take AT LEAST an hour blow out lots and lots of towels and lots of PIG solvents can hurt the backing of carpet if used a lot ... kinda like an pill for a headache -two good for headache whole bottle bad ... the client and I believed the best option was new carpet being it was 17 yeras old... i mean the bill was gong to be like $400 and like rick said under promise- its hard to under promise and ask for $400 bucks... just imo

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