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clenfax article about starting a business is easy making it work is not
very good article ... example i am all for giving a free bottle of spotter - cleaning the 2 x 3 mat or rug on my way out the door for free. I am all for dong small things as long as its controlled. I am not above bringing donuts or cup cakes to large commercial accounts.

This morning i had one of my janitorial company that use me to clean a auto factory email me about and office very small office that i clean ALONG with a lot of carpet and i charge anywhere from $6 to $10. and of course i told her i could do it no problem but i also told her i have a min charge of $75 but in this case i would make it $50 and if she wanted me to hit a few other offices that would be fine... but she did not understand that... I clean them for them every month and its a very fair deal.. fair for them fair for me... but if they want me to come another time during the month i am charging for it... don;t get me wrong if she wanted to work out a new deal where i charge more every month and then say any spot cleaning during the month is free (really not free charging for it up front)

just saying..lol

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