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CRB pulling fibers half way out
I'm using the standard brushes. Seams like on more than half the jobs I do there will be half pulled fibers scattered around the floor. I have to pull these out buy hand. It's a back and time killer. Should I go to the next softer brush? What's the answer guys?
BTW: this doesn't happen when using the LowBoy on the same carpet.
Use the Lowboy instead of the CRB.

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I am possibly purchasing a crb to get alot of hair and solids from residential carpets before I vacuum. How much carpeton average do you pull out ?
Could it be staple fiber? On cheaper "builder's grade" carpets, there's a lot of loose staple fiber. But if it's occurring on more than just "builder's grade" carpet, or on wool where staple fibers are the norm; then I'd recommend switching to the soft brushes. In fact, I think you will always be happier using the soft brushes for residential carpet.
Are you using renovators with your machine? If so, you shouldn't have any loose fiber to pick up. Also, how much loose fiber are we talking about? Have you left gaps in the carper where the backing is visible?

I've never hand an issue using the standard brushes. I run the CRB before I vac.

However, it was never suggested to use the softer brushes.

Is this what we should be doing?
Your Low Boy is a very different beast to a CRB so I could never imagine it happening with that.

These may seam like obvious questions but Have you checked that you don't have a paper clip or something else caught in the brushes that is catching the carpet? Are you sure you are using the right brushes? If its happening on more than one carpet type there has to be something wrong. Cleaning Dude is correct in saying there should be no carpet fibers to pick up if you're using trays. All the loose fibers would be in there.

Doesn't sound right to me. So I'd be triple checking everything.


Yes they are staple fibers and mostly builder grade. None of them would come up into the trays because they're still half way in the carpet. I have to literally pull them the rest of the way out. One by one. I'm going to do as you said and go to the next softer brush.
BTW: I checked for a paper clip or some type of thing that could catch carpet and found nothing.

These guys are saying the LowBoy is a beast and I agree! The reason I'm still using the CRB is it's so much lighter on my back moving in and out of homes and stairs.

Thanks for all the feed back!
If you're ripping carpet out of the backing of the carpet there's something very wrong. That simply should never happen. Either the carpet is defective or the brush is grossly overly aggressive. What you're describing is not normal at all. Get the soft brush and see how you do.

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