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Cimex Brushs/Pads
Will be doing a Function room what is the best combination 3 brushes ,3 pads or does anyone interchange ie 2 brush 1 pad . 2 pad 1 brush. Only ever used in a small area to try out.
Never used the release spotter got a call about lily pods dropped onto carpet the lady rubbed it in, turned carpet orange size of a saucer plate, I was only passing as I was on my way out, sprayed on and had to leave gave it a good soaking did not get a call back as I was going today to my amazement it was all gone.
Lily pods? First time I heard of that one.
Looks like we'll have to add lilies to the list of things Encap-Spot can clean. Smile
Certainly can I thought she had rubbed in on purpose to get a new carpet as it was the husband who made the mess.She wants be back every three months for maintain clean a great result.
Does nobody interchange brushes & pads???
I used to hear of folks who would bonnet and scrub with 1 brush and 2 bonnets. It was being done a little about 15-20 years ago. But it never really seemed to catch on much. I don't personally see the benefit to it. The FiberPlus pads scrub with increased agitation to the carpet and with more even solution coverage than brushes; so why change that out?
I did it just to be trying something different and it was a waste of time, well it was not really a wast of time for me I was waiting for floors I had just waxed to dry so I had nothing better to do

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