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Unexpected color correction during carpet cleaning
This could be a long story so I apologize in advance.

About two years ago, I got asked to speak at a ladies organization in my area. So, of course I did. Since this, I have done several carpet cleaning jobs from ladies that were there that day. Then this week I got a call from the lady that actually put the whole thing together and was the one that contacted me to be the speaker that day. So it was one of those jobs that you don't want anything to go wrong. When we arrived she added tile and grout cleaning to our work that we would be performing. Also, the carpet we were cleaning was a white berber.

My technician cleaned the all the carpet and tile working room by room and everything was going well til the last room. Then he hit an area of the carpet where the dog had thrown up a few days before. She had cleaned up the spot with the spot remover that I had given her. (Releasit DS mixed at 10 oz. a gallon with my own label on the pint sized bottle) It worked well because the homeowner only knew a general area that the spot was originally. So we presprayed the entire room, and began to HWE the room. When we got to the area in question it turned green. Immediately my technician tried to correct the problem thinking it was a ph imbalance but it did not work. I called Rick and his crew and talked to them about this. None of us had ever seen or heard of this problem occurring. So after I ended up going over to the house and looked at it, I immediately knew it was a color loss situation. So I took out the color repair kit and added a really light shade of pink to the carpet and it quickly turned back to the correct color. I think occurred because of a combination of dog medicine, dog food, stomach acid, spot remover, and prespray all combining and triggered by the hot water to create a problem.

The homeowner was really disappointed when they saw the green spots, but once I fixed it they thought I was a rock star. I really appreciate all the help and support Rick and his crew always provide even when it is not a problem that their product caused.

So here is a before and after of the job.

carpet cleaning

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Thanks for sharing that story with us Kevin! Looks like you made yourself a hero with this woman. I'm really glad to hear that the CTI Color Cosmetics did the trick for you!!! Which reminds me, I NEED to get that up on the website.

Keep up the good work Smile

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